Find Your Ideas Outside Your Own Country

My Family Australia

International vacations can be a great way to come up with new business  ideas.  When you’re outside of your normal environment, and even more so, when  outside of your cultural comfort zone, you’ll be exposed to many interesting and  innovative ideas and opportunities that with a just a little localization might  be just right for your domestic audience.

An example of this phenomenon involves the Australian couple Monica Liebenow  and her husband Phil Barham.  While in California, Barham noticed a cartoon  family displayed on the back windshield of a car.  Upon returning to Australia,  he explained the idea to Liebenow, a graphic artist, and My Family Stickers were born.

The stickers are similar to the ones you see in the US, but they have an  Australian flavor.  In keeping with the Australian love of eating and cooking  outdoors, the most popular “father” sticker is one they called “Barbecue Dad”.  In fact, three of four most popular father stickers depict the father doing  something outdoorsy.

According to the company, in the last two years, more than two million My  Family Stickers have been sold.